When should you consider hiring experts for asbestos testing?

Cancers and other diseases that are connected to asbestos take decades to show up. This is the reason it took so long for people to discover the dangers of asbestos. Before these dangers were discovered, people used to use the material in the manufacture of a variety of building materials because it is fireproof, durable and corrosion resistant. Even though the material has been banned for a long time in the country; buildings which were made when the material was still in use still lead to exposure and sicknesses such as mesothelioma, pleural thickening and various cancers.

When areas of the home have signs of disintegration

There are certain parts of your home which are more likely to have asbestos than others. These include the roof, gas-fired fireplaces, pipes and flooring. If these structures are intact and show no signs of breakage or wear and tear, the possibility of asbestos poisoning is minimal. However, if the roofing material is disintegrating or the floor has started falling apart, there is the possibility of asbestos fibres getting into the air and causing serious health problems to the occupants of the house.

When the home is more than three decades old

If your home was built in the 80's or before, there is a high possibility that asbestos-reinforced materials were used in the construction. Some of the obvious indicators of a home from the era are flooring tiles which have a nine inch by nine inch pattern. These tiles typically used asbestos in their manufacture. Another sign that is a dead asbestos giveaway is pipes which are not properly insulated, but they have white or grey remains of the insulation. You will also know the age of the home from the details of the lease or title deed.

When people start getting sick

If the people living in a house have started getting sicknesses such as asbestosis, mesothelioma, clubbed fingers and pleural diseases, it is time to get an expert to carry out asbestos testing in the house. You are also advised to get everyone else out of the house as the tests are being conducted to prevent further exposure.

These are some of the common indicators that your house needs a reliable expert to carry out asbestos testing. When it is confirmed that your house has asbestos, the next step should be seeking compensation for the sicknesses. A reliable legal firm will take you through the process of filing a claim and getting the deserved compensation.