When do You Need to See a Travel Doctor --- and What Information Does the Doctor Need?

If you're leaving for a holiday outside of Australia in the near future, you'll be wise to see a travel doctor as soon as possible. Travel doctors are uniquely suited to help patients who are traveling outside the country because they're experts in illness, disease, and prevention of infectious diseases. Your travel doctor can evaluate your needs for special vaccinations and can help you prepare for your upcoming journey so that you can have the healthiest and safest holiday possible. Here's what you need to know before visiting your travel doctor. 

What Your Travel Doctor Needs to Know

Your travel doctor will ask you a series of questions regarding your upcoming holiday, and it's best to prepare your answers ahead of time. Things to consider before visiting your travel doctor include: 

  • Exactly where will you be travelling on holiday? Your doctor will need a list of every place that you plan to visit. Include all stops along the way, as each area can have very different health requirements.
  • How long will your holiday last? Your doctor needs to know how long your holiday will last. If you're uncertain of the length of your journey, give the travel doctor an estimate -- overestimating is always preferable to underestimating.
  • What do you plan to do? Whilst this is a broad question, it's important to tell the doctor what types of things you might be exposed to whilst on holiday. For example, do you plan to go swimming? Prolonged water exposure could potentially change your doctor's recommendations regarding vaccinations.

Your doctor will need to know your vaccination history, so it's important that you ask your regular doctor to forward your medical records to your travel doctor. Additionally, your overall health may play into your travel doctor's recommendations. Therefore, it's important that you answer all health and lifestyle questions as honestly as possible. 

Why You Need a Travel Specialist

A travel doctor is a specialist, one who focuses exclusively on the unique concerns of patients who are travelling out of the country. The travel doctor puts considerable time and effort into keeping up with new health developments in countries around the world so as to better advise you regarding your specific travel needs. For example, your doctor may tell you about brand new requirements regarding vaccinations in one of the specific areas you're visiting.

Additionally, your travel doctor can give you some tips and tricks regarding your personal health safety whilst traveling to new areas. A travel doctor is a valuable resource for any upcoming holiday, so don't hesitate to contact your local travel doctor today!