Why Pick a Micro BTE Hearing Aid With a Tube System?

As you look at different micro BTE hearing aids, you'll notice that some aids have a traditional ear hook connector while others have a tubed connection system. What's the difference between the two designs, and why might a tubed model be the right choice for you?

How Do Ear Hooks and Tube Systems Work?

A BTE hearing aid with an ear hook has a connector hook that sits over the ear to hold the aid in place. This hook typically leads to some tubing, which connects to an ear mould. This mould sits in the ear and transfers sounds inside.

Hearing aids with tubing systems work in much the same way, but their design is slightly different. The hearing aid doesn't have a hook to sit over the ear, but works solely with a tube.

This tube moulds around your ear when you have the hearing aid in. The tube leads to a dome that fits inside the ear. This area may also contain a small grip that helps hold the aid in place at the bottom of the ear.

What Are the Advantages of Tube-Based Systems?

Some people don't much like the sensation of wearing an ear hook. They may, for example, feel that the hooked area and its connection to its tube is a little thick and clunky on the ear.

These hearing aid systems also usually use a wide ear mould. While these moulds fit inside the ear well, you may find that they feel big when you wear them. Your ear may feel full or blocked because the mould takes up a relatively large space.

You may find it easier to adapt to wearing a BTE hearing aid that works on a tube-only system. The tube itself is thinner and less thick than an ear hook; however, it still moulds around the ear so it should sit snugly in place without a problem.

If you're worried that an ear mould will feel too big in the ear, then the dome at the end of the tubing may suit you better. Domes are typically smaller and rounder, so they may feel less bulky.

If you aren't sure which system to choose, then ask yourmicro BTE hearing aid provider for advice. They can show you both models and explain how they work. If you can, it's a good idea to try both types out to see which one feels most comfortable.