All You Need To Know About Massage Therapy

Massage therapy can help in the management of stress and pain caused by injuries, surgeries and medical conditions such as arthritis. In the excerpt below, you will learn more about massage therapy and how you can improve the outcomes of the intervention. 

What Comprises Massage Therapy? 

You are probably thinking about your local massage parlour. However, there is a sharp distinction between what a beauty masseuse offers and what you will get from a professional physiotherapist. While the masseuse will rub and press your muscles to create a relaxing effect, a physiotherapist will manipulate soft tissues to reduce pain, swelling and restore the functionality of the ailing body part. 

Below are some kinds of massage therapy: 

Swedish massage involves kneading, circular movements, trigger point pressure release and vibrations. It can help release muscle knots caused by poor posture and injuries.

A hot stone massage is one where the therapist uses heated stones instead of their hands. It promotes relaxation and improves blood flow.

Sports massage is designed to handle sports injuries such as sprains, hamstrings, knee injuries and shin splints.

Aromatherapy is a type of Swedish massage where you inhale essential oils during therapy. It is ideal for people that want to relax their minds and reduce stress.

Deep tissue massage is designed to improve blood flow to injured body parts, increase muscle strength, reduce pain and restore mobility.

How Can You Improve the Outcome of Massage Therapy? 

Below are a few ways to improve the efficiency of massage therapy. 

Work With Experienced Professionals

Conduct some research to determine reputable physiotherapists or massage parlours in your locality. Check the qualifications of the individual providing the massage service. He or she should be licensed, trained and experienced in massage therapy. Professional accreditations and awards are an added advantage.  


Massage therapy will be effective if you are consistent. Typically, the professional will begin by helping you define the goals of the intervention. For instance, you could want to get rid of back pain or improve your mental wellbeing. The therapist will create a program detailing when you should attend massage therapy sessions and how you will track the effectiveness of the therapy.

Combine Different Forms of Therapy

Massage therapy is highly effective when combined with other forms of physiotherapy. For example, it could be combined with hydrotherapy, electrical therapy or acupuncture to help manage pain. 

Massage therapy is much more than what you receive at a massage parlour. The intervention can be used to treat a wide range of injuries and medical conditions. As a rule, massage should be performed by skilled professionals.