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Getting Ready for Vascular Ultrasound Appointment

There are many benefits to ultrasound imaging as a diagnostic tool, including the fact it is non-invasive and the procedure takes a relatively short time to complete. There are several types of ultrasounds, including a vascular ultrasound, which provides images of the blood vessels in different parts of the body. If you have been told you need a vascular ultrasound, then one of the things you are probably thinking about is how to best prepare for it.

All You Need To Know About Massage Therapy

Massage therapy can help in the management of stress and pain caused by injuries, surgeries and medical conditions such as arthritis. In the excerpt below, you will learn more about massage therapy and how you can improve the outcomes of the intervention.  What Comprises Massage Therapy?  You are probably thinking about your local massage parlour. However, there is a sharp distinction between what a beauty masseuse offers and what you will get from a professional physiotherapist.

Why Pick a Micro BTE Hearing Aid With a Tube System?

As you look at different micro BTE hearing aids, you'll notice that some aids have a traditional ear hook connector while others have a tubed connection system. What's the difference between the two designs, and why might a tubed model be the right choice for you? How Do Ear Hooks and Tube Systems Work? A BTE hearing aid with an ear hook has a connector hook that sits over the ear to hold the aid in place.

Should You Get a Vascular Ultrasound?

Medical technology continues to progress at an amazing rate, and professionals can now perform a battery of tests using sophisticated equipment, should they feel that you are at risk of a certain condition. For example, if your consultant is worried that you may be at risk from narrowing of the arteries or could be suffering from deep vein thrombosis with clots in your leg, then they may advise that you have a vascular ultrasound.

Getting Health Insurance to Cover Your Lower Back Treatment Cost

Lower back pain can be particularly problematic for both the young and old. If you have spinal cord complications, issues with your discs, or problems with your nerve endings, you may struggle with pain along your lower back. Lower back pain also causes mobility issues, a decrease in physical fitness, and a significant drop in daily productivity. Chiropractic treatment is one of the best approaches to resolving lower back pain issues.