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A Short Guide to Melanoma Skin Cancer

Melanoma skin cancer is a type of skin cancer which develops from skin cells called melanocytes. As Cancer Australia explains, melanoma is the fifth most common cancer in Australia, accounting for an estimated 10.4% of cancer diagnoses in 2018. Melanoma has a high five-year survival rate, and the main danger is in cancer spreading to other organs. This means that early diagnosis is vital. This short guide will explain what the symptoms of melanoma skin cancer are, how it is diagnosed, how it can be prevented, and what treatment options are available.

When do You Need to See a Travel Doctor --- and What Information Does the Doctor Need?

If you're leaving for a holiday outside of Australia in the near future, you'll be wise to see a travel doctor as soon as possible. Travel doctors are uniquely suited to help patients who are traveling outside the country because they're experts in illness, disease, and prevention of infectious diseases. Your travel doctor can evaluate your needs for special vaccinations and can help you prepare for your upcoming journey so that you can have the healthiest and safest holiday possible.

Why You Should Register with a Preferred Provider Organisation

The cost of providing medical cover for company employees can become unsustainable if employers don't adopt measures to keep those costs in check. This article discusses why it would be wise for you to enroll your company with a preferred provider organisation to cover the medical needs of your employees. Wider Medical Care Provider Choices Preferred provider services are increasing in popularity due to the broader spectrum of healthcare providers that they work with.

When should you consider hiring experts for asbestos testing?

Cancers and other diseases that are connected to asbestos take decades to show up. This is the reason it took so long for people to discover the dangers of asbestos. Before these dangers were discovered, people used to use the material in the manufacture of a variety of building materials because it is fireproof, durable and corrosion resistant. Even though the material has been banned for a long time in the country; buildings which were made when the material was still in use still lead to exposure and sicknesses such as mesothelioma, pleural thickening and various cancers.

Dental Discolouration: How to Reduce and Prevent Teeth Staining

The discolouration of teeth can get in the way of a beautiful smile. Therefore, it is vital to protect your teeth against staining for ideal cosmetic appeal. In general, there are numerous things which can cause your teeth to lose their natural colour. For example, consumption of highly pigmented foods can darken the enamel of the teeth. Also, inadequate oral care can cause unusual yellowing of the teeth. Regardless of the cause, you can minimise and manage the discolouration by changing some dental health practices.