Two tips for those who are getting their eyebrows tattooed for the first time

If you will be getting your eyebrows tattooed for the first time, you may find the following two tips helpful. Do not drink alcohol before the procedure The needles that are used to create a cosmetic tattoo can cause some pain when they are pressed against a person's skin. As such, you might be tempted to have one or two glasses of wine or beer before you undergo this cosmetic procedure, in order to steady your nerves and make the experience a little less painful.

Applications of Physio

Physio, also known as physiotherapy, is the science of preventing, treating and managing disease or injury through the use of physical means as opposed to drugs and surgery. The main aim of the therapy is to relieve pain and restore mobility. The application of physiotherapy to manage illness dates back to 460 BC, when physicians at the time advocated for the use of manual therapy, hydrotherapy and massage to treat disease.

Not Just Moles: The Other Skin Condition That Can Become Cancerous

Skin cancer has a good rate of successful treatment if it's caught early, so it's important to be alert to suspicious symptoms. If you carry out regular checks of your skin—or have a professional take a look for you—you're likely to be aware of any warning signs. When you hear advice on checking your skin for signs of cancer, a lot of the focus is on moles, whether it's looking for new ones or noticing any that have changed somehow.

Reasons to Opt For a Transvaginal Ultrasound for Embryo Transfer

Undergoing in vitro fertilisation is a process that comprises numerous steps, with an essential one being the transfer of your viable embryo into the uterus. During this step, your gynaecologist is tasked with meticulously placing the embryo into the uterine cavity for implantation. The procedure is extremely delicate and requires precision skills to ensure that there is a minimal risk of damage to the embryo itself as well as to the tissue surrounding it.

Eyebrow Lift Surgery – Surprising Aftereffects Post Surgery

Eyebrow lift surgery is one of the cosmetic procedures that is increasing in popularity mainly due to how straightforward it is. Considered by many to be more effective than Botox injections, an eyebrow lift can significantly transform your appearance by eliminating the telltale signs of ageing such as drooping eyebrows, eye bags and crow's feet. As with any other surgical procedure, you should expect to endure a healing period after as your face will feel a tad banged up.