Should You Get a Vascular Ultrasound?

Medical technology continues to progress at an amazing rate, and professionals can now perform a battery of tests using sophisticated equipment, should they feel that you are at risk of a certain condition. For example, if your consultant is worried that you may be at risk from narrowing of the arteries or could be suffering from deep vein thrombosis with clots in your leg, then they may advise that you have a vascular ultrasound. You may have never heard of this procedure, so what does it involve?

Non-Invasive Procedure

The good news is that this is a non-invasive procedure, and as such, it will not involve any needles or anaesthesia of any kind. It's a relatively simple process, but it can provide a lot of information that, once analysed, can help your doctor to diagnose your condition.

Soundwave Analysis

Once the exam begins, the scanner is applied to the outside of your body facing the suspect area and a battery of sound waves will penetrate the tissue. These waves will bounce off the blood cells as they're moving through the blood vessels and will then return to the ultrasound machine, complete with the necessary information. This data will be displayed to the medical professional, together with the speed of return. This factor is critical, as it will tell the doctor how fast the blood is flowing through the vessel. If it is moving too quickly, then this may be a sign of a blockage.

Blood Clots

In the event of DVT, the veins in the leg may be overwhelmed or there may be leaky valves in the area. This can lead to the development of a clot, possibly associated with swelling, and you will need treatment to alleviate the condition as soon as possible.

Remarkable Science

Doctors can use this procedure for a variety of different conditions, and the science is very well understood. A scanner like this can often be the difference between a medical emergency and a progressive course of treatment, designed to return your circulation to normal. This and many other progressive tools available today are helping to deal with chronic conditions and make life a lot more palatable for those involved.

Taking Action

If you or your doctor suspect that you may have an issue with your circulation, then you should request a vascular ultrasound. This may be the first step in your journey towards much better health.